Carved wooden furniture: a timeless classic

Wooden furniture with exquisite carvings is often associated with luxurious interiors of royal chambers. In modern design, such furniture is used to create an elite, refined environment.

Carved wood combines grace, durability, practicality and versatility. Such pieces of furniture will fill a space with understated nobility and will always be relevant.

The pros and cons of such furniture

For the manufacture of carved furniture, special machines are used. However, the furniture produced in this way turns out though and beautiful, but not original.

To get a unique product, you need to entrust its creation to a professional hand-carver. He will choose the wood that is ideal for the idea, because each tree has its own pattern and character. Exclusive furniture is usually made of oak, walnut, Karelian birch, ash and beech.

The main advantages of the carved furniture:

  • Aesthetics. Against the background of manufactured furniture handmade products will always stand out advantageously.
  • Longevity. With proper care furniture made of solid wood will last for decades without losing its attractive appearance.
  • Variability. There are many stylistic directions of woodcarving, so you can choose the best option.
  • Individuality. Since the furniture is made in a single copy, you can talk to the master about your individual preferences.
  • Unique energy. Wood has a special warmth, which makes the house more comfortable.
  • Durability. Wooden furniture is able to withstand both high and low temperatures.
  • Ease of care. It is enough to wipe the pieces of furniture with a damp cloth for it to shine clean again.
  • Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

There are also disadvantages in carved furniture:

  • The fragility of some elements of the decor. Fine carvings need special conditions for storage and transportation, otherwise they can be damaged.
  • Some difficulty in selecting furniture. If the room has at least one piece of carved furniture, the rest of the furniture should be selected carefully, so as not to overload the room with complicated details, but at the same time and appropriately complement the wood.
  • Expensive. Custom handmade furniture will always be more expensive than stamped pieces.


Not all trees are suitable for the manufacture of furniture. Most often masters stop at the choice of oak, alder, pine, birch and lime.

Interior decoration with its help

Carved furniture is a symbol of wealth and well-being. It fits well in different interiors.

Each style of room decoration has its own features, which must be taken into account when choosing wooden elements:

  • Gothic: heraldry is intertwined with geometric and floral ornaments. In gothic images the lines tend upwards;
  • Classicalism: Austerity, clean lines and elegance. The patterns are simple, clear and uncomplicated, here everything tends toward minimalism;
  • Baroque: an abundance of carved details, a combination of fantasy and natural patterns, avoidance of straight lines;
  • ethnica: carvings are made with the trends of a particular culture in mind;
  • Empire: numerous carved wreaths, coats of arms and branches. The legs of furniture are often in the form of the paws of animals;
  • Art Nouveau: complicated patterns imitating climbing vines, whimsical lines.

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