Eliminating the smell in the clothes closet: proven ways

It’s not uncommon to get an odor in your closet that gets into things and doesn’t go away after you wash them. It is difficult to get rid of it, but it is possible with the use of folk or professional remedies.

Causes of odor

The main causes of the unpleasant odor of mustiness in the closet:

High humidity.

In itself is not a problem, but contributes to the emergence of fungus, the reproduction of bacteria, which causes the odor;

Poor airing.

Lack of air circulation;

Infestation of dust mites

Improper cleaning;

Improper drying

Insufficient drying after washing;


Improper storage organization.

Odor killers

The choice of hostess between means to get rid of the smell is individual. Today there is a wide range of professional products that completely get rid of the problem. Their advantages are that it is not necessary to dilute in certain proportions, to adjust the concentration. It is enough to read the instructions and act. The disadvantage can be the price.

Folk remedies are good in that they always consist of improvised means, do not require special costs. Disadvantages – the need to make solutions, to select the concentration and the remedy for a particular case.


Solve the issue with the treatment of the cabinet and the elimination of unpleasant odor can be solved with the help of special means. Conventionally, they are divided into types:


A cheaper and simpler option – folk remedies for getting rid of odor. Preparation of simple compositions and the use of improvised means can solve the problem. In addition, getting rid of odor and preventing its appearance can airing, revision of things and getting rid of old and stale.


When there is high humidity in the closet, you need to take a glass and pour salt into it, place it in the closet. This allows you to absorb excess moisture and protect against the emergence of odor. If it has already appeared, salt can absorb it and solve the problem completely. The method can also be used in the absence of the problem, for prevention.


Baking soda, which can be placed in a cup on the bottom of the cabinet, has a similar effect. It disinfects and eliminates increased humidity. In addition, after airing, you can wipe the shelves and walls of the cabinet with a solution of baking soda in a small amount of water. After that, leave the doors open until they are completely dry.

Citric acid and vinegar

To treat the walls and shelves, a solution of citric acid 0.5 tablespoons per 1 liter of water is suitable. After application, the closet should be well dried and ventilated. This will get rid of the smell and exclude its reappearance.

Table vinegar 9% works similarly, which should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1. Such a solution is suitable for treating all surfaces of the cabinet.

How to save the result

After treating the closet and getting rid of unpleasant odor, it is required to consolidate the result. For this purpose, the means are suitable:

  • special sachets for clothes. They are spread out or hung in the closet. They have a pleasant odor and do not let mustiness get into the clothes;
  • Regularly airing and treating the closet;
  • sorting and inspecting items;
  • Drying clothes thoroughly before storing them, do not store them in the closet if they have not been worn out.

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