Furniture for pets: ensuring the comfort of the pet

Pet furniture can be not only practical, but also stylish. Pets become full-fledged members of the family, so people try to make their lives comfortable. To do this, they buy not only quality food and fun toys, but also furniture. Its choice determines the comfort and even the health of the animal.

The modern market offers a huge number of options, so the choice should not be difficult.

What do animals need furniture for?

Of course, many would say that buying separate pieces of furniture for pets is a waste, because you can bed the dog with your old blanket. However, it is the pet’s own furniture that makes him feel comfortable. Here he will feel like a full owner, not fighting for a warm spot in the house.

What to look out for

There are important nuances to consider when buying furniture for pets:

When choosing a scratching post, carefully study its composition. It is desirable that it consist entirely of natural materials. Ask for a quality certificate in the store to make sure that the product does not contain glue or toxic materials.

It is especially important that the product is hygroscopic, hypoallergenic, soft and technological.

The house should match the size of the pet, that is, it should not be too cramped, but not too big. Knowing the size of the pet, you can order the manufacture of houses according to individual projects. In this case, you can realize any design idea and fit the furniture into the overall interior room.

Breed. For example, sphinxes are cold and need extra heat, so they should buy a closed house. But for fluffy cats or dogs, choose a well-ventilated cot.

To prevent the cat or dog from getting hurt on sharp corners, the furniture should be varnished or sanded.

The design for cat climbing should be solid to prevent it from toppling over and sturdy. It is better to choose models made of wood or other natural materials.

Take into account the nature of the animal. If it is timid, then choose a closed cot, but if it likes freedom, on the contrary, you should buy an open bed.



An indispensable attribute in the house in which the cat lives. Trays can vary in size and shape. Now you can even buy an automatic litter box. For shy animals manufacturers offer litter trays closed type, in the form of a house.

Choosing a tray, pay attention to:

on its dimensions: it is important that they correspond to the size of the cat;
The kind of design: if the pet likes to scatter filler, you need to choose a product with high sides;
stability: many cats sit on one side of the tray, which may cause it to topple over;
easy care.


Needed to teach the cat to sharpen its claws on carpets, walls and sofas.

Nail boxes come in a variety of shapes:

Floor – in the form of a column on a solid base;
wall-mounted – mounted on vertical surfaces;
complex – a structure that combines a scratching post, shelf, house and toys.

Play zones

You can meet as compact options, consisting of 2-3 sections, and the whole mazes, which are attached to the wall. They include numerous shelves, mazes attached to the base of the toy. Thanks to such an area, you will be spared the cat’s habit of running around the tables.

Dog bed.

A dog should have its own sleeping place in the house. If you let the puppy at least once in the owner’s bed, then it will be very difficult to accustom him to sleep on his own later. Therefore, it is recommended to take care of the purchase of a dog bed right along with the introduction of the dog.

Voluminous beds made of nylon are very popular. This material is best suited for a dog bed, as it is resistant to dirt and easy to wash.

Cat Couch

Cats love soft surfaces, enclosed spaces and warmth. Since they like to watch what is happening in the room, it is recommended to place the house as high as possible.

Cat hammocks are becoming increasingly popular. There are compact models that attach to windows and other vertical surfaces. In such a hammock, the cat will feel at ease while maintaining an excellent view. The pet will have the illusion of its own territory.

An excellent option is a furniture complex. It will suit the interior in a minimalist style. The set includes a cot, a house, a scratching post and a shelf for toys. Such a set does not occupy much space, but the pleasure to the pet is sure.

For cheerful, playful animals, there are different variations of tunnels. They are a tube with two holes. Especially good is the tunnel for kittens, who love to hunt everyone who lives in the house.

A cat bed is certainly not a basic necessity, but it will look cute in a room.

For the comfort of the pet, a soft mattress is laid on it, and externally, such a bed differs from a human bed only in size. The bed frame may be made of wood, plastic or metal. Install the bed in the place where the cat likes to rest.


Furniture should not only be comfortable, but also safe for health and wear-resistant.

Most often, the following materials are used for its manufacture:

  • Relax-polymer is a modern fabric, which is also called “anti-vandal”. It can withstand even unwary animals who try to tear or chew on it.
  • Nylon. It is easy to wash, does not absorb dirt, so it is suitable for both cats and dogs.
  • Flock is a material impregnated with Teflon. It is pleasant to the touch, resistant to mechanical damage and easy to clean.
  • Artificial suede looks as luxurious as natural suede, but is more resistant to external factors.

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