Green sofa in the interior: versatility from nature

Green is a symbol of coziness and family life, it brings soothing, peace and comfort. It is not surprising that all shades of green are widely used in the interior. For example, a green sofa will successfully fit into almost any style, suitable for the living room, children’s room and even the kitchen.

To make it look as spectacular as possible, it is important to choose the right shade and texture of upholstery, the shape and size of the sofa itself, as well as to think about its surroundings, from the walls and floor to accessories.

Options for different rooms

Choosing a sofa, it is important to consider not only the degree of comfort and price, but also the appearance. Today, there are hundreds of models in stores, which allows you to approach the selection optimally with all due care.

Very comfortable sofas from modules that can be swapped, rearranged, turned into freestanding benches and chairs. Sofa transformers are good for spacious living rooms of a large family or where often gather companies.

Living room in the classical style requires an appropriate sofa: it must be massive, solid, with leather, velour or tapestry upholstery.

With expensive furniture and textiles perfectly combined sofas with lush cushions, quilting, large armrests or bolsters. Living rooms in the Rococo or Baroque style imply lighter furniture with high curved legs and carved armrests.

If the room is furnished with simple modern furniture with restrained forms, it is worth buying a sofa without any frills: a straight sofa with a smooth or textured solid color upholstery. The same sofa easily fit into the interior of high-tech, Scandi, eco. It can be complemented by a practical removable cover of thick natural fabric and cushions in tone.

For the children’s room we need practical folding sofas, moderately soft, without hard armrests, with upholstery made of vandal-proof or water-repellent fabric. The same fabric would work for a small kitchen sofa, on which to sit comfortably after dinner.

Colors of green: Which shades of green to choose?

Green is extremely diverse: it can be warm and cold, dark and light, bright or muted. The addition of white, gray or beige makes the green palette very broad and allows you to adapt it to any interior.

Shades of mint, green grass, deep gray-green or warm lettuce are great for sofas. Complex colors are easier to incorporate into a residential interior, they will never look too bright or out of place.

Those who like deep noble shades, go for emerald (green with an admixture of blue), bottle, malachite, dark olive.

Lovers of gentle light shades can look out for pistachio, shades of green turquoise and sea waves, bleached green. These colors are good for small rooms: they visually add space and make the room more comfortable.

Upholstery options

Not only the comfort and convenience of cleaning, but also the perception of color depends on the upholstery texture. For example, the uneven surface of long wavy velvet or velour creates peculiar waves on the seat and back of the sofa, making the color deeper. Smooth satin upholstery, on the contrary, brightens the color, reflecting the sun’s rays. Stuffing, jacquard or mélange create a volume effect.

Green sofa in different interiors

Green suits any interior, from high-tech to baroque, it all depends on the shape of the sofa and the chosen shade.

Modern interior

In a modern interior, a sofa of a complex medium-saturated shade will fit perfectly: gray-green, mint, olive. It is in harmony with light or dark furniture, smooth walls, painted or pasted solid colored light wallpaper. To pair such a sofa is to pick up a square or rectangular table without decorations and a few cushions to match.

Pop Art

Acidic style with the predominance of bright contrasts. For such a room, it is better to choose a sofa-transformer with smooth or printed upholstery in the color of green apple. It will look winningly against the background of glossy furniture of contrasting color. Additions, too, should not be modest: the overall gamut will support all shades of blue, yellow, as well as black and white. An obligatory condition is a well-designed spot lighting, which does not distort the colors.


The sofa in the Scandi style should be quite light and warm. Suitable yellowish-green scale, the upholstery is preferable to a simple burlap or other rough textured fabrics. Such a sofa of simple shapes with wooden armrests or without it looks great against the background of light walls, open shelving, unpainted floor homespun mats in tone.


Green sofa in the interior: versatility from natureHigh-tech style loves bright color combinations, the perfect companion – a sofa of rich acid green color.

A warm shade will contrast spectacularly with chrome metal and plastic, cold will make the interior more austere and stylish.

The best upholstery option – smooth flock or leather, the shape of the sofa should be as simple as possible.


Eco-style simply requires green accessories of natural tones. Choose the shade of fresh or slightly rotted leaves, sedges, reeds, any combination of gray-green and green with a touch of beige.

Such an interior does not tolerate contrasts, so as a complement will be suitable soft colors: sand, cocoa, chocolate, gray-beige, straw-yellow, cream. These colors will be suitable for textiles, wallpaper, carpeting, cushions. As a sofa table, you can use a wicker box or cube made of rattan, vines, palm leaves.


Strict classical living room will decorate the sofa in emerald color. It goes well with solid dark furniture, gilt, silver and bronze, layered drapes, carpets made of natural wool or silk.

Especially effective looks emerald leather, natural or artificial, velvet, velour, silk jacquard. In a classic interior will fit and sofas in gray-green. Those who like bright colors, go for a muted green turquoise. It goes well with all shades of yellow, from gentle cream to deep ochre.

Children’s room

For the children’s room, the green sofa is perfect: it will not irritate the child, it will help to concentrate during the day and relax during rest. In addition, a calm green color will balance the brightness of books, toys and scattered children’s clothes, the room will look more neat and cozy.

How to support a green color

To make the green sofa not look alien, it can be complemented by small color spots in the same range. The simplest solution is to add live plants in pots to the interior. These can be large philodendrons, monsters or palm trees, ivies curling on the walls, beautifully blooming orchids, fuchsias or geraniums. An alternative option is a bouquet of flowers in a vase.

Green sofa can be complemented by textiles of a suitable tone: a beautiful plaid, drapes, tablecloths or napkins. It is not necessary to choose textiles in tone, much more modern look different shades of green, from light to dark.


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