Insect pest control at home. A pest-free summer.

Don’t attract uninvited guests

Prevention is the best medicine. This principle also applies to many unwelcome guests. Everyone knows that a tasty fruitcake or a glass of orange soda on the garden table is a tempting invitation for wasps. But even a vase of fruit in the kitchen or open packages of flour, sugar, oatmeal, etc. attract a host of buzzing and flying guests like magnets. Covering such foods or using containers with lids are simple but effective ways to keep wasps, flies and other insects away.

Safe solutions against wasp nests in the home

Even the best preventive measures have their limitations. Once you discover a wasp nest in your home, you need to act quickly, effectively and safely. If the nests are inaccessible or too far away, use a strong spray product – this will allow you to take action from a safe distance. The haze of the active ingredient that spreads around the nest will penetrate the nest and provide a lasting effect. Wasp foam is a good solution for easily accessible wasp nests. Through a tube the foam is sprayed directly into the inlet of the nest. From there, it spreads quickly and prevents the wasps from flying away or attacking.

Stop pesky flies

Once in the house, flies quickly become annoying and continually multiply. During their short lives from April through October, they lay thousands of eggs. If the temperature drops below 15 degrees, the flies disappear as quickly as they once appeared. Up to that point, however, they can grow up to 15 generations; they are not only annoying, but also harmful to health. In addition, flies are carriers of various diseases.

A good idea to distract uninvited guests is to put a few pieces of fruit in a vase at a safe distance away from the patio. Grapes are great for distracting wasps from their main activity, and this way your patio will be much calmer.

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