Insect pest control

Ant colonies that stick to fruit and baked goods on garden tables, look for nesting places under patio slabs, or even make their way through the patio door into the house is a familiar situation for many. When this happens, a real ant infestation is just around the corner.

Avoid patio ant nests

Using certain materials for seams and making sure they are watertight can provide effective protection against an ant infestation. For example, try to avoid plaster to caulk cracks in patio stones and use coarser basalt rubble that ants can’t drag over.

However, if an ant army has already made its way to your home garden, quick measures are needed for effective control. Bait boxes are convenient and easy to use, and ideal for customers with children and/or pets.

Targeted Ant Nest Control

Targeted action against ant nests can be accomplished with bait pellets. Insects are lured by an attractive trap and bring it to their burrows. Such pellets help not only against ants, but also against woodlice, centipedes and other crawling pests on patios, balconies and paths.

Ants are considered nature’s health police. They provide useful services in the garden and are especially thorough in their fight against pests.

Did you know.

  • Ants have been at home on our planet for many years: today they are thought to have been around for 130 million years
  • Ants are quite intelligent: they have the largest brain in relation to height among animals
  • Ants love heat: their nests are often found under patio stones that rapidly heat up in the sun
  • Ants are true bloodhounds: their sense of smell is comparable to that of a dog
  • Ants have a soft spot for aphids: They protect aphids from voracious enemies such as ladybugs or hoverfly larvae, because they particularly like the sweet secretions of these plant pests

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