Set up your own bar

A new bar is needed and there is still need for clarification? This article should clear up the last doubts. If you’re still thinking about setting up a nice new recreational area in your home, you should definitely consider a bar. This does not have to be expensive at all, if a few things are taken into account.

Before you start planning, you should find a consistent style. Should the bar be furnished in a retro or 60s look, or in a modern style with plastic furniture and a garish lounge atmosphere? Depending on the chosen style, the implementation can vary greatly in price. Once you have chosen a style, you should follow it to the end in every detail to create a stylish atmosphere that will please guests and friends. For example, a modern bright lamp will not fit a massive wooden bar with carved decorations, just as an old radio will not fit a modern bar made of brightly painted wood.

It does not have to be a party cellar

A bar doesn’t necessarily need a party cellar. A large living room is usually quite enough, but even in small spaces can create a combination of bar and dining area. Thus, a folding table can also be attached to be folded away as needed. First, however, throw out unneeded furniture and remove unsuitable items that clash with the subsequent bar furniture.

Selecting bar furniture

The most important part of the bar furniture is the bar table. This comes in a variety of designs. For a large room, such as a party cellar, a sturdy version with a footrest and made of solid wood is recommended. Especially if often humid celebrations take place, a version made of solid wood offers better protection against spilled liquids. If there is a lack of space, as already mentioned, a mobile version to fold away or one that can be converted into a kitchen table is worthwhile.

Another point is the seating. When buying the bar stools should be noted that they fit the rest of the bar furniture. If you are setting up a whole lounge in the basement, you should choose matching tables and chairs.
Those who like to mix cocktails and put spirits for decoration should think about a display case or cabinet. A storage space in the bar can be used for cocktail cutlery or for an amplifier. A non plus ultra are uniform glasses, so that the bar interior does not look shabby.

Atmosphere and other interior design ideas

Currently, retro is very trendy. New retro furniture and furnishings are expensive. If you would like to have a retro flair in your bar, you should look for cheap furniture on the flea market. Nevertheless, care should be taken to avoid style clashes here as well.

Lamps and mirrors provide a relaxed atmosphere, pictures or aluminum signs for that certain something. It should be decided depending on the style of the interior: Neon tubes in different colors in the furniture or in a seating area create a lounge atmosphere and simulate the senses at night gathering. Once the bar is set up, a housewarming party can be held with a request for guests to bring a little something to spruce up the bar.

A foosball or billiard table will dispel boredom and ensure regular guests. The purchase of a good sound system is worthwhile, here it should be ensured that there is enough space for a good sound experience, the Zuratezogen of a specialist in the installation is worthwhile and prevents bad sound. Various spirits can be placed in noble design and are the best decoration for a bar.

Before setting up the bar should first make a list of what needs to be purchased and what needs to go away to make room. So it quickly becomes clear what resources are needed and whether the implementation makes sense. Especially if there is a lack of space, it may be important that everything is coherent and fits into the living concept.

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