Weed control. Death to weeds

What remedies will help against weeds in the garden?

Weeds can drive some amateur gardeners to despair: while lovingly planted plants are still taking root in the beds, the intruders are already in full force. Weeds such as shepherd’s purse, thistle, gout, or horsetail are not welcome in an ornamental garden – they are serious competition for nutrients, water, and space.

Stay away from home remedies and “expert advice”

There are a myriad of home remedies for weeds that are often mentioned on Internet forums or as personal advice. But beware: not every piece of advice is actually helpful – and some of them are not safe at all! We often hear that paved paths with weeds growing from cracks between stones can be treated with boiling water, alcohol, vinegar, or even fire. But you should not underestimate the danger of injury when using boiling water or fire. Many people have even accidentally set fire to their neighbors’ hedges.

Remedies that cost a lot of money

Stay away from products such as salt or vinegar, too: they are simply not suitable for weed control. Both vinegar and salt do far more harm than good to gardeners – these substances decompose slowly and constantly endanger soil, plants and insects. Therefore, the only proper alternative is the mechanical removal of weeds with scrapers.

Checklist and tips:

  • The sooner you get rid of weeds, the better
  • The growth period of the weeds starts as early as March.
  • Controlling early will help to get better and more consistent results

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